May 26, 2005

Weekend in Paris

So I went to Paris this weekend with my mom for a little mini break. It was better than I ever expected and we had an amazing time. We drank and ate everything in sight...and then we drank some more. Mom managed to make friends with complete strangers minding their own business - as is her charming habit - and we walked what we felt like was the entire length of the city.

I am going to do everything in my power to go back to live in Paris for at least six months. I want to get my french back to an acceptable standard....okay I want to get it back to what I consider to be an acceptable standard. At the very least I will go for a summer, rent an apartment, and relax my days away at cafes and immerse myself in french classes at the Sorbonne again. This time I want to get myself a French boyfriend instead of an English one. English accents are great, but I need to be forced to speak french and what better way than with a sexy frenchman? or a few sexy frenchmen perhaps???

On my way home on this particular trip I unknowingly stumbled on the most amazing airport feature. I was taking the escaltor downstairs to what I thought was the restaurant area. I walked into the room directly in front of me and found myself surrounded by comfortable cushy chairs, a huge flat screen tv with CNN on, and a buffet of croissants, pain au chocolat, biscuits, baguettes, and every juice and coffee imaginable.

My first reaction was "Well this is awfully nice of Air France! How thoughtful!" as I proceeded to take a pain au chocolat and two helpings of fresh orange juice. I sat down and watched CNN and relaxed very happily in the comfiest airport chair ever. Then about a half hour later I noticed the woman across from me take out her cell phone. She was American and was discussing what time she'd be back in the States with someone and I thought "Well that's strange, only really well off people can afford international cell service...shouldn't she be in like the private first class area?"

Well....then i saw this woman at the front desk in front of the door (she must have been away from the desk when i walked in) and she was checking everyone in who walked in the door. and then i realized - oh fuck! i am IN the first class lounge!!! eating their food, drinking their beverages, and enjoying their tv! and then i thought well fuck me - this is great! I've broken into their world and gotten away with it, bravo to me! apparently I am a very convincing first class passenger.

But about ten minutes later i decided to high tail it out of there in case the desk lady noticed that she hadn't checked me in. But whatever - i got FREE breakfast out of it and killed an hour watching tv and it was fabulous. The only awkward moment came when I boarded the plane to go home and the woman with the cell phone was getting situated in her first class seat...she defintiely recognized me from "our" lounge and watched with obvious distaste as I made my way ALL the way back to coach.

Posted by Adrienne at 11:59 AM