August 16, 2005

Unemployment Line

So it finally happened - I moved back to the big bad Bay Area. Can you believe it???

I'm here to save some money by living rent free (thanks mom) and go back to school to see if this time I can actually finish...which is still to be determined. I start classes on Thursday and am less than excited. I was never built to be a typical student and now with four years in NYC, I'm definitely not suited to be a DVC student for two semesters - but it's ONLY two semesters and then I am hopefully off to SF State - unless they determine me to be undesirable...which is just ridiculous cause I'm fabulous.

I have no real plan - I'm debating between getting into television production or music or radio or event management....I'm very torn. So at the moment I guess I'm open to everything - there's only one problem - I NEED A JOB!!! Preferably something related to my interests above...but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.

So if anyone has any leads, friends who need help on projects, etc. let me know - I am so available it's becoming painful.

Posted by Adrienne at 12:19 PM