January 21, 2004


I feel it is as just as healthy to be open about things you hate as you are with the things you love, hence a list to sum up my issues for the week.


10. People who go to the gym because they want to not because they have to.…..that must feel nice… and hating them for it feels even better.

9. Money.…cause i don’t have any.

8. Complex carbohydrates.…nough said.

7. times square.….cause it promotes stupidity and prostitution.….prostitution i can handle.…but that whole stupid tourist factor causes me to hate.

6. people who call to tell me they’re bored and expect me to entertain them.…..i didn’t sign up for that.

5. emotionally unavailable men who pretend to be emotionally available.….thats just mean.

4. Mr. Big’s absence from Sex and the City this season.….this is a problem for me.…a shallow problem yes, but a problem all the same.

3. ugly MEAN people.….i’m sorry but you have NO room to be mean and hateful…you should be nice to everyone you meet…one day they might buy you plastic surgery.

2. men who hit on you when you haven’t made any real eye contact and you’re listening to your headphones while examining your cell phone.…you know he’s a good catch when he can pick up all the signals .……

1. Over-processed tan women who just can’t BELIEVE how pale skinned i am.…..yeah, you’ll be laughing on the other side of your wrinkled ugly face when i’m 40 and i still look 22.

Posted by Adrienne at January 21, 2004 11:27 AM

Now I love Mr. Big better than most everyone, but you don't like Mr. Russian? I'm having great fun with Carrie and him. Especially when he got her the dress she merely looked at in vogue. sigh....
I hate money too.

Posted by: nuala on January 21, 2004 11:41 AM

they don't have the same chemistry, i'm bored. i love Mr. Russian, just not on Sex and the City. But rumor has it Big is back for the last three episodes...in Paris :)

Posted by: Adrienne on January 21, 2004 12:21 PM

Ooooh, I am so totally feeling your list! All those things are worthy of your hate.

And I am really missing Mr. Big on Sex and the City. Baryshnikov is nice, true, and he gets extra points for being Russian. But I miss Big! Chris Noth is adorable, and he and Carrie have the best chemistry. Bring him back!

also, lovely site. Welcome!

Posted by: kati on January 21, 2004 12:34 PM

I thought that when you were playing with your phone, you were trying to get me to give you my phone number so you could put it in your phone. Sorry, my mistake. =(

BTW, big up to prostitution, yo! =)

Posted by: Clint on January 22, 2004 11:57 AM

so, what, this guy she's with at the end of season five or whenever, this berger fellow - he is not to last? but i like him! i even like him better than aidan. and i loved aidan, bc of the northern exposure connection.

hm, now i am disgruntled.

Posted by: didofoot on January 23, 2004 12:26 PM

Berger sucks and cannot even hold a itty bitty tea light flame to Aiden. But mabye that is because I saw the beginning of season six before I saw Season 5.

Posted by: nuala on January 23, 2004 01:08 PM

but he's funny. apart from the HIGHlarious scene of miranda's cat stealing the baby's umbilical cord, berger scenes are the only ones where i even crack a smile most of the time. (i watch it for the clothes though, not the sad humor attempts.)

Posted by: didofoot on January 23, 2004 04:15 PM

hopefully i did not just make ady's top ten list...

Posted by: didofoot on January 23, 2004 04:15 PM

no....you're safe..for now.

Posted by: Ady on January 23, 2004 04:48 PM