April 02, 2004

Silencing my inner rich girl...for now

I recently went on a shopping trip that has made me rethink all my shopping standards.

Now generally I refuse to go shopping unless i have money, so needless to say I no longer go shopping. I seem to have major emotional issues with having to hunt for “quality” pieces of clothing at H&M or any other cheap yet still fabulous establishment. I won’t even do the sales bins at Victoria Secret’s, it just feels a little low class to me.

As shallow as this sounds, I feel it in my bones that I am meant to be rich. Yet somehow there was a glitch in communication when I dropped from heaven. Although I landed in a family immersed in culture and beauty, as requested, the man upstairs seemed to have overlooked the cash factor. Perhaps he thought i was being TOO shallow.

Anyway, in my attempt to live it up in New York I often find it necessary to wear clothes other than my yoga pants and oversized flashdance like sweatshirt when going out to socialize - much to my dissapointment. After tiring of H&M escapades, realizing that even Express is out of my price range, and countless hours spent just standing outside the Valentino store on Madison Avenue, I ventured out into the truly ghetto fabulous stores.

My inner rich girl crying out for Chanel was suprisingly silenced by the $9.99 prices for rather decent, form fitting clothing. Former difficulties in finding clothes that enhance my breasts, accentuate my small waist and flatter my bootyliciousness seemed to be a complete thing of the past - apparently my figure is ghetto fabulous! And although I did not walk away with a whole new wardrobe (cause lets face it, I will never allow myself to be that tragic) I did walk away with a whole new respect and love of cheap clothing - and a new shirt!

So now I am addicted and feel the need to browse in stores whose names I can’t recall, and find at least one piece of clothing per week for under $10, giving me a sense of accomplishment from living on my budget and still going on a “shopping spree” every weekend. I’m almost proud of myself.

Its the little things in life.…

Posted by Adrienne at April 2, 2004 03:16 PM

Just be happy that you got the beauty and culture...I mean...look at Paris Hilton.

Posted by: clint on April 3, 2004 04:11 AM