June 23, 2004

My Deep Love for Pigtails and Mismatched Shoes

For anyone who is unaware, my sister and I have a deep love for all things from the 80's and any childhood television show or movie that others pretend they don't really miss. Well I full out admit that I have missed Punky Brewster. So when my sister and I were browsing through the DVD selection at Best Buy it was no suprise that she bought the Superman Box Set - with all four Superman movies (even the really awful yet fabulous fourth one) - and I bought the first season of Punky Brewster.

Now some people might think who in the world would sit and watch old episodes of Punky Brewster unless they randomly appeared on tv and you were in a state of perpetual boredom. Well i can name two - ME and definitely CLINT.

Last night we sat and watched, in four year old glee, the first three episodes of our beloved Punky. It was so good - and i mean that. Soleil Moon Frye was so unbelievably talented, she without a doubt puts childhood actors of this generation to shame. And it is a good fucking show! its actually funny..i thought i would be laughing merely out of obligation, one of those "oh that was so funny when i was little" kind of laughs. But no, Clint and I were outright laughing, i am telling you this show is unappreciated brilliance.

It even made me cry by the second episode. now i know that says a hell of a lot more about my emotional issues than it does about the show - but still! Did i cry when i watched old shows like Facts of Life? NO. Did i cry when i watched Family Matters? NO. Did I cry when i watched Who's the Boss? okay...once. Did I cry when i watched Full House? okay, twice - but i had a crush on John Stamos so that doesn't count. This show is special, i already know i'm gonna cry when Brandon gets hit by a car in the episode "I Love You Brandon", its just unavoidable.

So the Punky marathon continues for the next couple days, we've got four discs to get through and i can't wait. After the marathon is over Clint and I will then start planning the development of Punky Brewster - The Movie.

Posted by Adrienne at 08:57 AM