May 23, 2004


Now I would like to start off this posting by stating that I am not even particularly obsessed with Pride and Prejudice - and I still find this offensive.

Some stupid bitch from Austin, Texas wrote a sequel to Pride and Prejudice. That's funny...i don't remember Jane Austen rising from her grave and giving permission to anyone who feels like it to decide what happens to Darcy and Lizzie after they get married.

Here is the summary from The book is titled "Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife: Pride Prejudice Continues" and it is written by Linda Berdoll aka Stupid Bitch.

I would have included the link - but i'm don't know how (and yes i know i need to learn).

This rollicking sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice was originally self-published in 1999 as The Bar Sinister. In Berdoll's wild, bawdy, and utterly enjoyable novel, the Darcys begin their married life as one of the happiest, most in-love couples imaginable. Berdoll picks up the story after their wedding, but flashes back to the days after the courtship, when Elizabeth and Darcy's passion for each other grew stronger. After a spicy wedding night, the couple finds their compatibility extends far beyond their matched wits. As Elizabeth settles into her role as mistress of a large household, her sister Jane grapples with her own, less passionate marriage to Charles Bingley. Thrown in as well are an illegitimate young man who just might be Darcy's son, a vengeful serving man who plagues the Darcys and develops an unhealthy fixation on Elizabeth, and suspicions of infidelity. Austenites who enjoy the many continuations of her novels will find much to love about this wild ride of a sequel, especially Berdoll's depiction of the enduring, strong love between Elizabeth and Darcy.

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May 02, 2004

I really really want to be upset about this

From time to time, I feel it necessary to complain about the lack of original ideas left in the entertainment industry. Everything is getting recycled to the point where I'm becoming very disillusioned by the whole business. Then, reality (well, my reality) sets in and I think well, it doesn't matter I will change all that.

But for now, remake after remake is being made, or really really familiar plot lines seem to keep popping up. So it is good to just deal with it as best as I know how, which is why I have to acknowledge two new remakes in the works that will either passionately piss people off, or get everyone as excited as their former six year old self that used to be obsessed with these films.

The first one is by far one of my favorite childhood films. THE BAD NEWS BEARS is being remade, with a brilliant bit of casting I might add. Because as much as I disagree with remakes on the whole, if they get the APPROPRIATE actors for the part, the movie can again be a wonderful thing.

Now some may disagree but I think the person they have gotten to play the coach is excellent and will do a great job. Billy Bob Thornton will be taking over for the amazing Mr. Walter Matthau. And in terms of crankiness, bitternes, and overall nastiness, I think Billy Bob is perfect. After seeing the man in Bad Santa I have no doubts that this role will again be hilarious thanks to his brilliant talents. My initial anger at the idea of this remake was subdued by the news of the involvement of Billy Bob. So good luck to it all comes down to the kids, cause quite honestly who is gonna replace Tatum O'Neal???

Okay now for the more distressing of the remakes....well it will be a new movie...just an old idea...they are making another HERBIE film. read that correctly, our main man Herbie is coming back to help silly adults fall in love and win car races. Apparently this time around good old Herbie finds himself smack dabb in the middle of a NASCAR race..will that work for me? i'm not quite sure yet.

Casting for the new Herbie film is still underway but they have already cast one of my personal favorite young actresses in the film. Lindsay Lohan, the queen of remakes, will be in the fim. And I have to say, considering the fact that I loved her in The Parent Trap remake - which i thought i would hate - and I loved her in the Freaky Friday remake - which I also thought I would hate - I'm thinking this may turn out to be an okay venture..but of course time will tell.

So I am currently torn between my passionate, all about new ideas and new films adult self, and my excited, silly, volkswagen, little league baseball loving six year old self. I want to call the executives at the studios and scream at them for not helping emerging young new writers, and I want to start lining up to buy my tickets to these movies all at the same time....its just a nasty busines.

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