January 18, 2005

I hate people today

I seem to have overestimated some people's ability to be decent human beings. This has left me in a state of significant (albeit probably temporary) hatred for some folks here in New York City.

I find it difficult to understand a person who finds it unneccesary to say Thank You when the proper time occurs. I also can't seem to wrap my head around a person who refuses to acknowledge that life does not revolve around them, their issues, their egos, or their pride.

I get that we are all inherently selfish beings, and that looking out for number one is always on the agenda and probably a smart way to live for the most part. I just don't understand how you can wake up with yourself everyday and believe that other people's hurt feelings are worth yours remaining firmly intact and undisturbed.

Having said all that, I am officially taking a vacation from the human race. I'm not quite sure what my options are but i am sure i can get creative.

Posted by Adrienne at 03:48 PM