August 09, 2004


I am in a hateful mood, so if i offend anyone - i don't care. Enjoy!

10. Climbing the unavoidable invisible ladder at work and having some stupid bitch knock you off mid climb.....this happened to my favorite person this week -Clint. And on his behalf I am voicing my hate for stupid ugly women who are TOO OLD to still be an assistant - you are taking the jobs away from us!!! go start your own company or go have a baby, i don't care - just stop stealing our jobs! greedy? yes...irrational - NO.

9. Tourists - they are REALLY pissing me off this week - just fucking WALK - stop looking up at everything, maybe if you kept your eyes moving and focused on things on your eye level you could avoid the hissy fit you have later when you find out that someone swiped your wallet.

8. Hasidic Jews who don't wear deodorant because of their religious beliefs when its 85 degrees outside with 90% humidity....yeah well my religious beliefs tell me that you stink and you should be hanging out with the homeless if you wanna be with people who will support this ridiculous notion.

7. Every girl's need between the ages of 9 and 25 to dress like Paris Hilton....hello - people make fun of her for a reason...yes there are several, but her skanky bad taste is top of the list.

6. Uneducated Jamba Juice customers - it is not that complicated!!! Just say protein and you will get something good, but make a god damn decision already.

5. People who own million dollar companies who can't seem to work the remote control to the gym tv....nough said.

4. All you stupid bitches with your IPods....i hate you.

3. Men with bad manners....i will not go into to detail but it is UNACCEPTABLE to have bad manners around a lady...especially this lady.

2. Women who wear low rise jeans who have love handles the size of bitches have no friends cause anyone who loves you would tell you to check yourself before you leave the house looking like that....i may be shallow but it is not possible that all you bitches are blind.

1. My boss' sister in law - cause she died and made my boss come back from vacation early for the funeral...not cool man.

Posted by Adrienne at 05:51 PM