September 15, 2004

For All of Us Nerds Out There

Just a couple movie and tv remake tidbits to either totally disgust you or totally excite be the judge.

Fox is producing a live-action feature film based on '50s and '60s cartoon critter series Alvin and the is all i have to say on that one.

Per Variety, Fox Searchlight giving the go-ahead for a remake of 1984's hit comedy, Revenge of the Nerds. The update will likely feature cameos of original cast members as well.

And a little update about the ever important pending Growing Pains film thanks to recent drunk driving escapades of sister Carol (her mug shot on the smoking gun website will break your heart):

Gold next plans to reunite with the Growing Pains gang of Kirk Cameron, Alan Thicke, Joanna Kerns and Jeremy Miller for a two-hour telefilm, Growing Pains II: Home Equity. The TV movie is scheduled to air on ABC in October - woo hoo!

Posted by Adrienne at 09:54 AM