February 20, 2004


I will admit openly that this is a sad thing to be so excited about, but having lived without it for close to three years now, i simply have no shame.

Jamba Juice has finally opened up a store in Manhattan...and its a mere three blocks away from my work!!! Now those of you on the west coast who only know a world that includes a Jamba Juice on every corner can not possibly understand the thrill of this discovery. Because until it is taken away you have no idea how much it meant to you and how much you need it. Upon moving to New York there is the universal Californian reaction of "I'm sorry but what do you mean when you say i can't live off a liquid diet?!"

And i am not alone my friends. Once I discovered heaven on earth in midtown manhattan I proceeded to call every west coaster i knew to share in my joy. The reactions varied from pure shock, childlike squeals of joy, and "Dude...you have to bring me one!"

So for all us closet Californians living in New York - yesterday was a very good day.

Posted by Adrienne at 08:31 AM

February 05, 2004

I Miss My Old Cat

I hate that even I have to admit to this but I have come to accept the widely known fact that cats are smarter than dogs. This has come to my full attention by the pathetic acts of my dog Rocky.

Having been a dog and cat owner at different points in my life I have always known that I am in fact a dog person and would much rather own a dog over a cat. But it has come to my attention that there is something wrong with my dog....namely that he's coward.

After much effort and many a bug spray every once in awhile in New York you are bound to see a cockroach or two. You get used to it, its really no big deal, but they are still disgusting, ugly, evil little things that should be killed at any given opportunity. So last night Rocky found a cockroach in my bedroom and preceeded to whimper - not growl - but whimper...as if in fear. Seeing what it was I put Rocky right in front of it and told him to be a manly dog and kill it and he proceeded to whimper and literally back away from the cockroach. In the end I had to kill it while he hid in the closet on the other side of the room.

Now my issue is that I NEVER WOULD HAVE HAD TO KILL IT MYSELF IF I HAD A CAT. Because cats are smart, and bitchy, and vindictive. A cat would have killed it, played with its dead body, and then eaten it. But I have a dog, and my dog is a cowardly little girl....I am a very disspointed parent right now.

Posted by Adrienne at 02:22 PM